Google plus hits 20 Million users

Since its launch on June 28th 2011, google plus has gained 20 million users. Compare this to Facebooks current 750 million and twitters 200 million current users, it seems quite small, however in such a short space of time it has achieved quite a good number of users.

Even if the number seems small compared to those two, this new take on social networking has certainly gained a lot of popularity among many people. So, is google plus going to take over from facebook? Not at the moment

It has some flaws in it that need to be ironed out. I like the idea of having circles as it puts your friends and family in seperate circles. However the method used to invite shouldn’t need to use so many different devices and such. Also the chat is a bit glitchy at the moment and i have frequent trouble with it.

However in its short time of being on the internet it has achieved something that would be hard for a lot of websites to follow.

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