Playstation vita. An overpriced ps3 controller?

A while after hearing about the release of the vita, we are hearing a bit more about it.

Now, it seems that the vita is going to be able to be used as a ps3 controller. As with the move, this seems like Sony is taking a leaf out of nintendo’s book…again. To me, it seems like they’re already trying to get a foot up on the wii u. But having to buy 2 consoles both over 200 pounds is a bit much.

So, is it going to be the same again with Sony and Microsoft taking nintendo’s ideas and improving them? Seems so, and seems pricey too.

05/08/2011: it has now been said that the playstation vita has been delayed in the us and europe launches and will probably not be out for the holiday season. however japan can expect a release for late in the year. also a definate price has been established now. The PlayStation Vita will cost $249 USD (£152 GBP)  for its Wi-Fi-only version and $299 USD (£182 GBP) for its mobile phone handset.


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