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IE users have lower IQ than users from other Web Browsers

In a recent study by AptiQuant the results show that IE users have less IQ points than any other web browser users. IE users score barley 80 IQ points, Chrome and Firefox users score around 110 while Opera and Camino users scare over 120.

Look at this chart and see the results for yourself.

Leaked Pictures of the new iPhone 5 or 4S

With September quickly approaching there is new rumours and pictures floating around the web. The first picture shows a man clutching his iPhone on a train. The person who took this picture said:” The man was a Apple employee on a train from San Francisco”. Also he said that his iPhone looked different and in a case to hide its shape. The next two pictures are showing the cheaper iPhone – it looks exactly like the iPhone 4 we have now but it has plastic on the front and back. This makes the phone cheaper to make and lighter.

Although this is all well and good I think the cheaper iPhone because its supposedly made out of plastic – this will ruin the sturdy feel of the iPhone and lose its quality. This cheaper iPhone is supposedly going to be announced along with the new iPhone.


Promoted Tweets are coming to your Twitter Timeline soon

Twitter have confirmed on there blog that promoted tweets are coming to your timeline soon to keep the company running. Wait… before you think Twitter is going to be over flooded with banner ads and ruin your experience – Twitter have said they are doing this in a un-obtrusive way so the ads wont ruin your experience for example: By putting promoted posts in your timeline, Putting promoted Twitter users in the sidebar and Putting promoted trends in the trends box. All of these examples are the the picture below.

In my opinion I think even if  Twitter is putting ads in there site this way it still annoys me a little bit but Twitter has to keep their company running so I guess they have to put ads on there site.

Google Launches Hotel Finder

Google has launched hotel finder which Google says will make finding a hotel easier. This interface finds the hotels in the area you type in. The hotel finder also has the prices for the hotel incorporated into it. Also you can book hotel rooms, Compare Hotels and Make Short list’s for hotels you would like to compare further.

 In my opinion i think this will be useful for people who want to find hotels and compare them.

This Google tool is still in experimental mode but you can try it out at

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