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So what is iCloud anyway?

Before I get started, Your probably wondering what the hell am I trying to describe in the picture above.

The picture above shows a picture being taken on an iPhone device. Immediately (if enabled) iCloud will upload it to your iCloud account. Then it will sync with your iCloud enabled device. Not only is this pictures, iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more.

This is really easy to enable!

The Program installed on the computer,

In this image it shows I have used no GB.

NOTE: iCloud gives you an amount of 5GB (you can buy more storage)

I don’t use outlook but you can sync Mail,Contacts,Calenders and Tasks.

If you don’t have outlook you can only sync photos and and bookmarks.

NOTE: Mac users can use the “mail” application

The apps you use every day are ready for iCloud.

When you update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 5, your favorite Apple apps become seamlessly integrated with iCloud. Just like that. So all your content and information is available and up to date, no matter which device you’re using.

iTunes in the Cloud

Download your music whenever and wherever you want it.

Learn more

Photo Stream

Automatically download new photos to all your devices.

Learn more

Documents in the Cloud

View and edit the same document on whichever device you’re using.

Learn more

Apps, Books, and Backup

Your content. Stored, backed up, and with you wherever you are.

Learn more

Contacts, Calendar, and Mail

iCloud keeps your info up to date, everywhere you need it.





Apple INC. Takes in more money than the government

According to the  U.S. Treasury Deptment, the U.S. Government had a cash balance Wednesday of $73.8 billion, it’s less than what Steve Jobs has lying around. Apple had a big $76.2 billion in cash on Wednsday. Unlike the U.S. government, Apple rolls in more money than it spends.

iPod sales sinking fast

Apple may be setting record with their iPhone and iPad products, but the ipod is bringing in bad results. They sold a mere 7.5 million ipods last quarter. Unit sales have dropped 20%.

Why is this that the ipod is dropping down in sales? im a happy ipod owner and im sure a lot of you are. So, why the sudden decrease? There could be several reasons why.

Firstly, because they have either none or little moving parts in them,  they are getting broken less and so are keeping for longer, so people wont buy a new iPod until it breaks. Also, a lot of people allready own a smartphone of some sort and all their music is on there, so there is no need for a seperate music device like an ipod. It could also be the cost of them. A 2gb shuffle costs around £40 but if you want more memory, you may have to pay up to £130 or even more. if you want an ipod touch with a decent memory capacity, youre looking at about £250+. thats almost iphone teritory.

Its not like nobody wants one, they own almost 70% of the mp3 market. Its more down to apple being very good at what they make. we could see this change when iCloud is released where you can wirelessly push music to other devices, but right now, the iPod line is going to not bring much profit to the business.

Did Apple leak the iPod 3g in a picture on their website?

3G iPod Touch

Look closely.  Notice something?  The top status bar on the iPod Touch does indeed say “3G”.  Obviously, the current 4th generation iPod Touch’s don’t have any 3G connectivity whatsoever.  This graphic appeared on Apple’s iTunes page when updated with the recent release of Lion, and you can see the graphic for yourself, here.  Although this may just be an iPhone’s screen superimposed on an iPod Touch for some reason or another, rumors have indeed been circulating on a possible 3G capable iPod Touch.  What do you think?  Did Apple just leak the 3G functionality of the iPod Touch 5th gen, or is it just a graphical mistake?

Personally, I do think this was just a photoshop blunder, and not really a 3G iPod Touch, however, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if Apple does end up adding 3G support in the new line of iPod Touch’s.

iPad Facebook app in the iPhone app?

There has been a Facebook app on the iPhone now for a long time and it is very successful. There is really only one good app for it unlike the countless twitter clients and so forth. We all knew that an iPad app will be in the pipelines soon, but there has been coding found in the application that links to an iPad application.

Does this mean that the iPad app will be coming sooner rather than later? I hope so!

Tell me what you think! COMMENT!!!!

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Your Free Apple Apps Of The Day (FAAD)

First we begin with:                                                                                  HINT: Click the App photo to open it in iTunes or App Store


MapleStory Theif Edition

MapleStory Thief Edition
Happy Park
Happy Park
Thanks for reading!
At the top of the page their is a section for FADD’s with descriptions of the free apps

Once Again, Thanks for reading!

The c/dock

A handsome thick piece of solid walnut with either a brushed aluminum or glossy resin face plate.  The ultimate mix of modern design and convenience.  The perfect mate to my already perfect iPhone.  You will simply start your clock app of choice and slide your phone into the fully enclosed sleeve and it will seamlessly dock and begin to charge, giving you the restful sleep you deserve.  Or maybe you’ll set it up on your desk to show slides of the family while you’re at work?  Or use it as a mini flat screen to catch up on your shows?

You can pre-order yours at Kickstarter for $65 and $55, respectively.

iPhone Meet Google +

Today July 19th Google has launched it’s + app for iPhone,

The Description is quoted

Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in

The + App has the following features,

* Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
* Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
* Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.


What are your thoughts?

Assistive Touch – iOS 5 Beta 3

I don’t know if you know but recently Apple released some of the things in iOS 5.

I’m just going to focus on one of the things released the 11th of July.

“Assistive touch”

When a designated corner is touched on the iPad

Assistive Touch Hot Key

A menu comes up that controls the whole device

Device Control Menu

So… I want my device to rotate from landscape to portrait…

Switched from "Left" to "Portrait"

This is just 1 of the things assistive touch can do for you!

Lets just say if your iPad is broken and the volume button wont work that you can change the volume from the screen 🙂

– Brett

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