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Popular Companies Stock Goes Down

Today Apple’s Stock went down aswell as others on NASDAQ

Below are the stock info

Apple: AAPL – 1.34

Google: GOOG -7.25

Amazon: AMZN -1.38

Microsoft MSFT -0.32


This is not acceptable for the companies, Hopfully stock will go up by tomarrow!

Amazon to release a 9″ Android tablet before Oct.

According to the WSJ Amazon is planning to introduce a 9″ tablet computer before October.

Amazon’s tablet will use a 9-inch screen and run on Google’s Android operating system. The device won’t carry a camera like the iPad but will allow customers to watch videos, read eBooks and listen to music from Amazon. Meanwhile, Amazon will also be offering two updated versions of their popular Kindle e-reader around the same time.

Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, but there have been rumors that Apple may be considering an iPad refresh as early as this fall which would place its release near Amazon’s tablet launch. Amazon and Apple have become increasingly competitive over the years with recent disputes over the use of the “App Store” name.

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