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Love Android? Here’s a tablet for you!

When you go to a store and look around you, you find a lot of tablets but what’s the best tablet to serve your needs? even if you are an android lover there is always a something for everyone in the tech world.

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Google + Tips and Tricks

It’s always smart to know the basic commands and syntax of Google+.  Included is a Google+ cheat sheet that explains how to mention friends in your posts (like you can already do on Facebook or Twitter), how to bold your text and more.

Enhancing your text:

To enhance your text (Like shown in italics, bold, and strikeouts)

In + To make text bold add asterisks in front and back of the text, like this *this text will be bold on Google +*

In + To make text italic add _ in front and in back of the text you want italic,  Like this, _this text will be italic on Google +_

In + To make text strikeout  add a – in front and in back of the text you want strikeouted    Like this, -this text will be struck out in Google +

An easy way to adding Photos, Videos, and Links

URL’s only work with this.

In the address bar, highlight the text

Then drag it to the Google + Tab or Screen and into the status box.

Wasn’t that easy?

Why Google + is like twitter

Don’t skip over because you don’t need to know it… You do “Trust Me”

Circles on Google + are like following on twitter, they don’t need you in their circles to share info among each other


Almost like @ on Twitter and Facebook

To mention someone on Google +, Type @Their Name or +Their Name

Private Messaging

This involves several steps

Write your “PM”.

Then where you can choose who and what circles to share with, type the recipient name.

Post it like a regular status update.

On the post is a drop down

Where the arrow is pointing is the 

drop down

When clicked a drop down will show.

One of the options is “Disable Re share” Click it

Permalink Statuses

This works just like Twitter and Facebook

^^ Chrome 🙂 

Share With… — Colors

Security and Privacy must know

If the button is green,

People who are not in your circles may see this post

If the button is blue,

Only people in your circles can see it, Unless it is re-shared


Just little some hot keys.

Space = Scroll down Stream

Shift Space = Scroll up Stream

j = Single post down scroll

k = Single post up scroll.

q = jump to chat

Return = Start Comment

Tab,Return = End Comment


Hope you’ve learned some things about + Stay Tuned at Your World of Tek for more and more news daily! – Shorten your Google + Profile URL

Hey! Brett again!!!

Now if you have Google + look at your url… Long right?

You’ve heard about This works the same way but it brings to peoples attention that it is your + profile and not just some random link…

For instance look at my URL
Now look at it shortened
What a BIG difference in length.
Til next time

Amazon to release a 9″ Android tablet before Oct.

According to the WSJ Amazon is planning to introduce a 9″ tablet computer before October.

Amazon’s tablet will use a 9-inch screen and run on Google’s Android operating system. The device won’t carry a camera like the iPad but will allow customers to watch videos, read eBooks and listen to music from Amazon. Meanwhile, Amazon will also be offering two updated versions of their popular Kindle e-reader around the same time.

Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, but there have been rumors that Apple may be considering an iPad refresh as early as this fall which would place its release near Amazon’s tablet launch. Amazon and Apple have become increasingly competitive over the years with recent disputes over the use of the “App Store” name.

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