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Samsung Overtakes Nokia’s Sales

It seems that things are just getting worse for phone giants nokia.

Samsung has now overtaken Nokia in smartphone sales. This is bad news for Nokia, it’s not the only thing that sanding carry, as they make a large variety of electronic products too.

Nokia isn’t doing so well because of their slightly outdated looks and a very outdated symbian operating system. If Nokia wants to dominate the mobile world, they may need to take a step to either Windows phone 7 or an Android OS very soon.

IE users have lower IQ than users from other Web Browsers

In a recent study by AptiQuant the results show that IE users have less IQ points than any other web browser users. IE users score barley 80 IQ points, Chrome and Firefox users score around 110 while Opera and Camino users scare over 120.

Look at this chart and see the results for yourself.

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