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Google maps tells you when to get off the bus

Anyone in london knows how difficult it is to get around such a large congested city. Its even worse for someone who has never been there. But it seems that google maps can help you with that.

This is down to their new public transport addition to it. It not only lets you find out how long it will take, but where you should get off and such others etc. You can use it to plan bus, Tube, DLR and tram journeys. And if you have an Android phone, it’ll even tell you the location of the nearest Underground station or bus stop and, once you’re on your way, tell you when to get off.

This is a great addition to google maps and i would like to try it first hand. lets hope it doesn’t get lots of people who have come to see the olympics going to the wrong place!

Google Launches Hotel Finder

Google has launched hotel finder which Google says will make finding a hotel easier. This interface finds the hotels in the area you type in. The hotel finder also has the prices for the hotel incorporated into it. Also you can book hotel rooms, Compare Hotels and Make Short list’s for hotels you would like to compare further.

 In my opinion i think this will be useful for people who want to find hotels and compare them.

This Google tool is still in experimental mode but you can try it out at

Google Launches “Interventions” Its time to make the switch

The company today rolled out a cheeky new “email intervention” program, offering existing Gmail users with a way to nudge their friends to switch over from their existing provider.

“You’ve probably already improved the lives of your friends and family members by helping them switch to Gmail, but what about that one friend who still hasn’t made the switch?” the site reads. “It’s time to take a stand and stage an intervention.”

What that amounts to is one of three specialized form e-mails that existing Gmail users can pick from and send to friends that includes a prepared “intervention video” that pitches the service. Users can also record their own personalized message that uses YouTube.

iPhone and iPad sales records

Apple have recently sold  20.3 million iPhones over the quarter and 9.25 million iPads. This is a massive increase in their last quarter sales. Also, their line of computers have had a large increase of sales too. This means more people are switching to apple. It just seems like their clean and simplistic looks but great operating systems and hardware just win people over. i am one of them and have owned countless apple products too.

Because of this, it helped apple overtake the giants of the smartphone market Nokia and Samsung to be the largest seller of smartphones. This is great to say that they really only have 1 line of phones out there, the iPhone, unlike the others who have countless models of smartphones and tablets.

This isnt the same all over the world as in some places, android phones are being sold faster than iOS devices, but this is down to more decives using many android opperating systems, or with a skin (like HTC sense) being put over it. But this is a great accomplishment by apple.

Pokki – The Windows App Store


Today I’m going to be talking about Pokki, “The Mac App Store For Windows”

Obviously it doesn’t have all those cool apps yet!

Pokki is in your windows task bar like shown

Currently in the bar we have in order

Nut = Store

Weather = pWeather

WSJ = Wall Street Journal

Tiger + Star = Tiger Tasks

Google G = Google Search

B = Bit.Ly Link Shortener

Pokki has been growing since the beta having 15 apps in the store

  • Color Picker
  • Ebay
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Groupie
  • Headlines (RSS)
  • Living Social
  • pWeather
  • Gsearch
  • Shortly (Bit.Ly)
  • Tab Searcher “music?”
  • Tiger Tasks
  • Tweeki (Twitter)
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Zeta Uploader
Pokki is great if you need to do or use somthing quick without opening your browser!
Download Pokki Here

Stay Tuned for another post about what I have in my Pokki dock and what they do!

Google introduces “Think Quarterly” New Service

Today on the Google blog new information was just released on Google’s new project “Think Quarterly”

Google Quotes:

We’ve spoken to a lot of our partners about how to help them access the same insights and conversations that inform our strategies, and today we’re announcing a thought experiment for our clients called Think Quarterly.

What this is intending to do:

It’s intended to be a snapshot of what Google and other industry leaders are thinking about and inspired by today.

Says Google

Their Goal:

Our aim with Think Quarterly is to regularly tap our homegrown visionaries, as well as heads of industry, innovators and experts from around the world, to lend their insights and analyses to our partners who are seeking to navigate the ever-changing digital world. We hope you enjoy (and +1) it at

Read the full blog post HERE:


Google plus hits 20 Million users

Since its launch on June 28th 2011, google plus has gained 20 million users. Compare this to Facebooks current 750 million and twitters 200 million current users, it seems quite small, however in such a short space of time it has achieved quite a good number of users.

Even if the number seems small compared to those two, this new take on social networking has certainly gained a lot of popularity among many people. So, is google plus going to take over from facebook? Not at the moment

It has some flaws in it that need to be ironed out. I like the idea of having circles as it puts your friends and family in seperate circles. However the method used to invite shouldn’t need to use so many different devices and such. Also the chat is a bit glitchy at the moment and i have frequent trouble with it.

However in its short time of being on the internet it has achieved something that would be hard for a lot of websites to follow.

Google Interactive Logos

Interactive Pac-Man Game for Google Logo

Interactive Les-Paul Guitar Logo

Interactive Jules Verne Logo

Interactive Robert Bunsen Logo

Putting your mouse on one of the  red formulas emptys that canister, removing the mouse reverses what you just did

Interactive Google Particle Logo

Interactive BuckyBall Logo

That is all I could find… If you find any more please comment the link of the INTERACTIVE logo’s

The interactive logo I found didn’t have a special link so I made a video

New Android Market UI and how to get it.

The new Android Market, announced couple of day ago and I know I am late to react to that as I was just in the last phase of my exams and it has started rolling out to a small set of users who, of course, immediately shared it with the rest of the world for everyone to enjoy (or hate, depending on your reaction to the design). Here in this article, I am going to show you how you can get the update to your phone right now as the Android says, they will be rolling out this update for different phone models in upcoming days.

The new Market client is designed to better showcase top apps and games, engage users with an improved UI, and provide a quicker path to downloading or purchasing your products. For developers, the new Android Market client means more opportunities for your products to be merchandised and purchased.


With a great new UI, easy access to app discovery lists, a convenient purchase flow, and more types of content, we believe that the new Market client will become a favorite for users and developers alike.

If you’ve tried updating your android market using the android market application updates and have not got it yet then below is the way.

The process is quite simple :

  1. Download the Android market application using this link from your device
  2. Let it download
  3. Run the file and install it.
  4. Open it and enjoy!

I personally liked the new UI of this update! Its sleek and trendy and looks awesome. Thanks and enjoy browsing the Android market with over 2M apps and games in it. Plus, do let me know your reviews about this update. Cheers and if you don’t like the update, you can uninstall it anytime!

A Cool Youtube Video


Here is video that I think is cool and interesting

What do you think?

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