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Google is reaching for the top!

It now seems that Google is having a go at most things nowadays with such things as Google Plus and the chrome notebooks. But now their web browser has become the second most favorite in the UK.

Google as toppled over 22% of users and has taken over firefox as the one of the most popular.

The main reasons is the amazing speed over other web browsers and it’s neatness to it and not having lots of toolbars like IE9 or FireFx

I am a user and have used all the bug browser names (opera, firefox, safari, IE9 and chrome) and I have found chrome to be the best.

Google is doing a great job at the moment!

What do you think of Chrome

(UPDATE: Brett’s Note: Opera and Chrome is the best to me!)

Groupon Buys Zappedy for 10.3 Mil

First before your crazy mad about what thees companys are about.


Launched in November 2008, Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in 43 countries, and soon beyond (read: Space). We have about 7,000 employees working across our Chicago headquarters, a growing office in Palo Alto, CA, local markets throughout North America and regional offices in Europe, Latin America, Asia and around the world.

Our company philosophy is pretty simple: we treat our customers the way we like to be treated. That boils down to a few key things:

We sell stuff we want to buy. A great price is only half the battle – it’s also got to be a great product or service. Between our top-rated business partners and unbeatable prices, you should feel comfortable venturing out and trying something new – just because it’s featured on Groupon. We want Groupon to be an addiction you can feel good about.

No BS. We really want you to love Groupon. “Gotchas” and buried conditions that sour the experience are a terrible way to accomplish that goal. We want each Groupon purchase to feel too good to be true, from the moment you buy to the day you use it. If there’s anything unusual about a deal (e.g. an inconvenient location) we go out of our way to point it out.

Unbelievable customer service. Like you, we’ve suffered through hour-long “transfer-athons” with customer service departments, or waited days for an email reply to a simple question. If you contact us, we’ll do what it takes to make things right – and we’ll do it fast. Email us, or speak with a human (during normal business hours): (877) 788-7858

Groupon Origins

Groupon grew out of a website called The Point, a website launched in November 2007 that lets you start a campaign asking people to give money or do something as a group — but only once a “tipping point” of people agree to participate. By delaying action until enough people come together to have a real impact, The Point helps consumers, employees, citizens, activists, parents — or anyone — come together and solve problems that they couldn’t solve alone. Learn more about The Point here.

We came up with the patent-pending idea for Groupon as an antidote to a common ailment for us city-dwellers: there’s so much cool stuff to do, but the choice can be overwhelming. With so many options, sometimes the easiest thing is to go to a familiar restaurant, or just stay at home and watch a movie. As a result, we miss out on trying all the cool things our cities have to offer. By focusing on one good or service each day, Groupon makes it simple. And by leveraging The Point’s framework for collective buying, Groupon is able to offer deals that make it very difficult to say no.

While we started Groupon as a side project of The Point, it’s taken on a life of its own.


Gets your products and services online in less then five minutes

So, If you small business dosen’t have a webpage you can do that at Zappedy

Or you want more buisness, Zappedy offers online advertising.

Lets Get To The Details:

Groupon has claimed Zappendy for 10.3 million, according to a document filed with the SEC today. A Groupon spokes person confirmed the deal, but denied to elaborate on the details. Already Zappedy’s site has been edited: We are happy to join the Groupon team!

Pokki – The Windows App Store


Today I’m going to be talking about Pokki, “The Mac App Store For Windows”

Obviously it doesn’t have all those cool apps yet!

Pokki is in your windows task bar like shown

Currently in the bar we have in order

Nut = Store

Weather = pWeather

WSJ = Wall Street Journal

Tiger + Star = Tiger Tasks

Google G = Google Search

B = Bit.Ly Link Shortener

Pokki has been growing since the beta having 15 apps in the store

  • Color Picker
  • Ebay
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Groupie
  • Headlines (RSS)
  • Living Social
  • pWeather
  • Gsearch
  • Shortly (Bit.Ly)
  • Tab Searcher “music?”
  • Tiger Tasks
  • Tweeki (Twitter)
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Zeta Uploader
Pokki is great if you need to do or use somthing quick without opening your browser!
Download Pokki Here

Stay Tuned for another post about what I have in my Pokki dock and what they do!

Google introduces “Think Quarterly” New Service

Today on the Google blog new information was just released on Google’s new project “Think Quarterly”

Google Quotes:

We’ve spoken to a lot of our partners about how to help them access the same insights and conversations that inform our strategies, and today we’re announcing a thought experiment for our clients called Think Quarterly.

What this is intending to do:

It’s intended to be a snapshot of what Google and other industry leaders are thinking about and inspired by today.

Says Google

Their Goal:

Our aim with Think Quarterly is to regularly tap our homegrown visionaries, as well as heads of industry, innovators and experts from around the world, to lend their insights and analyses to our partners who are seeking to navigate the ever-changing digital world. We hope you enjoy (and +1) it at

Read the full blog post HERE:


Google Interactive Logos

Interactive Pac-Man Game for Google Logo

Interactive Les-Paul Guitar Logo

Interactive Jules Verne Logo

Interactive Robert Bunsen Logo

Putting your mouse on one of the  red formulas emptys that canister, removing the mouse reverses what you just did

Interactive Google Particle Logo

Interactive BuckyBall Logo

That is all I could find… If you find any more please comment the link of the INTERACTIVE logo’s

The interactive logo I found didn’t have a special link so I made a video

A Cool Youtube Video


Here is video that I think is cool and interesting

What do you think?

Google’s New Search Option “What Do You Love”

Get more of what you love by searching across numerous Google products with one click.

Here is a video to explain

Now your turn!

What do you love?

Twitters Profile Picture Uploading has been restored

On my 2nd Twitter account for The World of Tek, My old picture was MW3.

I tried to change the picture but the option wasnt there…

The Twitter Blog Quotes

Update: The functionality should be fully restored by approximately 10pm PST.

Profile image uploading is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working to resolve the situation.

Their approximately time was not met,

Below is times i’ve checked if it was still disabled

7:15 AM EST July 20th

12:28 PM EST July 20th

4:30 PM EST July 20th

8:15 PM EST July 20th Profile picture uploading restored

Activision wants Back!

Activision is looking to control of after the website was found redirecting to the official Battlefield 3 website.

The website domain name, which is not owned by Activision or Electronic Arts, takes jabs at the Modern Warfare series by saying, among other things, “Modern Warfare 3 is an copy and paste experience that looks exactly like Modern Warfare 2…”

Activision has apparently had enough, and after the website recently began redirecting users to Battlefield 3, the publisher filed a first domain name dispute compliant on Friday, found by, asking for control over the domain

Google + Tips and Tricks

It’s always smart to know the basic commands and syntax of Google+.  Included is a Google+ cheat sheet that explains how to mention friends in your posts (like you can already do on Facebook or Twitter), how to bold your text and more.

Enhancing your text:

To enhance your text (Like shown in italics, bold, and strikeouts)

In + To make text bold add asterisks in front and back of the text, like this *this text will be bold on Google +*

In + To make text italic add _ in front and in back of the text you want italic,  Like this, _this text will be italic on Google +_

In + To make text strikeout  add a – in front and in back of the text you want strikeouted    Like this, -this text will be struck out in Google +

An easy way to adding Photos, Videos, and Links

URL’s only work with this.

In the address bar, highlight the text

Then drag it to the Google + Tab or Screen and into the status box.

Wasn’t that easy?

Why Google + is like twitter

Don’t skip over because you don’t need to know it… You do “Trust Me”

Circles on Google + are like following on twitter, they don’t need you in their circles to share info among each other


Almost like @ on Twitter and Facebook

To mention someone on Google +, Type @Their Name or +Their Name

Private Messaging

This involves several steps

Write your “PM”.

Then where you can choose who and what circles to share with, type the recipient name.

Post it like a regular status update.

On the post is a drop down

Where the arrow is pointing is the 

drop down

When clicked a drop down will show.

One of the options is “Disable Re share” Click it

Permalink Statuses

This works just like Twitter and Facebook

^^ Chrome 🙂 

Share With… — Colors

Security and Privacy must know

If the button is green,

People who are not in your circles may see this post

If the button is blue,

Only people in your circles can see it, Unless it is re-shared


Just little some hot keys.

Space = Scroll down Stream

Shift Space = Scroll up Stream

j = Single post down scroll

k = Single post up scroll.

q = jump to chat

Return = Start Comment

Tab,Return = End Comment


Hope you’ve learned some things about + Stay Tuned at Your World of Tek for more and more news daily!

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