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Is this the end of the compact disc?

As with Lion’s release on the mac, it was only avaliable to download via the mac app store. Though you can make a boot disk of lion, you cant get one from apple themselves. As more and more computer programs and software is being released by download only, is this soon going to become the norm with all discs?

I am a fan of music and do have a fair few cds, but in a couple of years these could soon be gone, slowly being replaced by music downloading programs like iTunes or Spotify. it seems like the CD is going to be resigned to the collector, or pushed aside like vinyl records.

I, for one, am not a fan of having all of my music digitally, a cd is like a backup incase it gets lost. However, Its great that apple have made Lion only available in this way because it shows how much of a chance they are willing to take to convince people to make a move over to apple.

So to answer my question, i think were seeing the end of the compact disk in some areas, but not all.

What do you think?

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