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Promoted Tweets are coming to your Twitter Timeline soon

Twitter have confirmed on there blog that promoted tweets are coming to your timeline soon to keep the company running. Wait… before you think Twitter is going to be over flooded with banner ads and ruin your experience – Twitter have said they are doing this in a un-obtrusive way so the ads wont ruin your experience for example: By putting promoted posts in your timeline, Putting promoted Twitter users in the sidebar and Putting promoted trends in the trends box. All of these examples are the the picture below.

In my opinion I think even if  Twitter is putting ads in there site this way it still annoys me a little bit but Twitter has to keep their company running so I guess they have to put ads on there site.

Pokki – The Windows App Store


Today I’m going to be talking about Pokki, “The Mac App Store For Windows”

Obviously it doesn’t have all those cool apps yet!

Pokki is in your windows task bar like shown

Currently in the bar we have in order

Nut = Store

Weather = pWeather

WSJ = Wall Street Journal

Tiger + Star = Tiger Tasks

Google G = Google Search

B = Bit.Ly Link Shortener

Pokki has been growing since the beta having 15 apps in the store

  • Color Picker
  • Ebay
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Groupie
  • Headlines (RSS)
  • Living Social
  • pWeather
  • Gsearch
  • Shortly (Bit.Ly)
  • Tab Searcher “music?”
  • Tiger Tasks
  • Tweeki (Twitter)
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Zeta Uploader
Pokki is great if you need to do or use somthing quick without opening your browser!
Download Pokki Here

Stay Tuned for another post about what I have in my Pokki dock and what they do!

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