Who’s the last person you had a really great conversation with?

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So what is iCloud anyway?

Before I get started, Your probably wondering what the hell am I trying to describe in the picture above.

The picture above shows a picture being taken on an iPhone device. Immediately (if enabled) iCloud will upload it to your iCloud account. Then it will sync with your iCloud enabled device. Not only is this pictures, iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more.

This is really easy to enable!

The Program installed on the computer,

In this image it shows I have used no GB.

NOTE: iCloud gives you an amount of 5GB (you can buy more storage)

I don’t use outlook but you can sync Mail,Contacts,Calenders and Tasks.

If you don’t have outlook you can only sync photos and and bookmarks.

NOTE: Mac users can use the “mail” application

The apps you use every day are ready for iCloud.

When you update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 5, your favorite Apple apps become seamlessly integrated with iCloud. Just like that. So all your content and information is available and up to date, no matter which device you’re using.

iTunes in the Cloud

Download your music whenever and wherever you want it.

Learn more

Photo Stream

Automatically download new photos to all your devices.

Learn more

Documents in the Cloud

View and edit the same document on whichever device you’re using.

Learn more

Apps, Books, and Backup

Your content. Stored, backed up, and with you wherever you are.

Learn more

Contacts, Calendar, and Mail

iCloud keeps your info up to date, everywhere you need it.





Google is reaching for the top!

It now seems that Google is having a go at most things nowadays with such things as Google Plus and the chrome notebooks. But now their web browser has become the second most favorite in the UK.

Google as toppled over 22% of users and has taken over firefox as the one of the most popular.

The main reasons is the amazing speed over other web browsers and it’s neatness to it and not having lots of toolbars like IE9 or FireFx

I am a user and have used all the bug browser names (opera, firefox, safari, IE9 and chrome) and I have found chrome to be the best.

Google is doing a great job at the moment!

What do you think of Chrome

(UPDATE: Brett’s Note: Opera and Chrome is the best to me!)

Share the three biggest responsibilities you’ve ever been made accountable for.

Well, You know what to do!

Samsung Overtakes Nokia’s Sales

It seems that things are just getting worse for phone giants nokia.

Samsung has now overtaken Nokia in smartphone sales. This is bad news for Nokia, it’s not the only thing that sanding carry, as they make a large variety of electronic products too.

Nokia isn’t doing so well because of their slightly outdated looks and a very outdated symbian operating system. If Nokia wants to dominate the mobile world, they may need to take a step to either Windows phone 7 or an Android OS very soon.

Apple INC. Takes in more money than the government

According to the  U.S. Treasury Deptment, the U.S. Government had a cash balance Wednesday of $73.8 billion, it’s less than what Steve Jobs has lying around. Apple had a big $76.2 billion in cash on Wednsday. Unlike the U.S. government, Apple rolls in more money than it spends.

AT&T To slow down Unlimited Data Package Speeds

AT&T Inc. said Friday that it’s going to start limiting speeds for the 5 percent of its customers with “unlimited” data smartphone plans who clog the airwaves the most.

The measure will take effect Oct. 1, AT&T said, and is intended to alleviate congestion on the network.

T-Mobile USA already throttles users who go over certain limits for data consumption.

AT&T stopped signing up new customers for “unlimited” plans last year. Instead, it now lets heavy users pay extra when they go over a certain data allotment.

Verizon Wireless also recently stopped signing up new customers for unlimited service.

AT&T says it will warn users when they are approaching joining the top 5 percent, and anyone subject to the speed limits will experience them until the next billing cycle starts.

The Dallas-based phone company says that what puts someone in the top 5 percent is usually streaming video or playing some online games.

AT&T won’t count data use over Wi-Fi, just usage over the cellular network.

So Think again before getting a unlimited data plan.

Name a discontinued product that you wish you could still buy.

There it is! ^^^ The Question of the day!!

So basically I want you to tell me a discontinued that you still wish you could buy!

IE users have lower IQ than users from other Web Browsers

In a recent study by AptiQuant the results show that IE users have less IQ points than any other web browser users. IE users score barley 80 IQ points, Chrome and Firefox users score around 110 while Opera and Camino users scare over 120.

Look at this chart and see the results for yourself.

Popular Companies Stock Goes Down

Today Apple’s Stock went down aswell as others on NASDAQ

Below are the stock info

Apple: AAPL – 1.34

Google: GOOG -7.25

Amazon: AMZN -1.38

Microsoft MSFT -0.32


This is not acceptable for the companies, Hopfully stock will go up by tomarrow!

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